About ASW

The forerunner of ASW Technology Aps (CAVAD Systems) developed military solutions for Air Defence and ran air exercises tests in UK.

In 2007 CAVAD Systems expanded into development of monitoring of Taxiways ((TWY) in civilian airports.

In 2009 CAVAD Systems changed name to CAVAD Airport Safety and received Danish State Funding for the the system development and marketing (NOVI)

This development was done with CAA (Civil Aviation Administration) and Copenhagen Roskilde Airport and with Eurocontrol NCSS (Non Cooperative Sensor Systems) and with The National Aerospace Laboratory of the Netherlands (NLR) Holland (Virtual Block)

Statement from CAA Denmark

The ASW Barrier System by ASW Technology Aps, Denmark has been approved for testing during the winter of 2009 and 2010 at Copenhagen Roskilde Airport, Denmark, in order to test the usability and the reliability of the system.
System testing was done in accordance with DTA Bl-3-1 15.4.3, Code A, which allows system operations within 16.25 meter from TWY/RWY centreline.
Peter Schmock, Head of Division Centre for Civil Aviation, August 2013.

Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) German CAA

“The ASW Barrier System by ASW Technology ApS is the only NCSS system built according the Eurocontrol specifications for NCSS.
Achim Baumann, Regional Manager DFS (German CAA), August 2011.

Eurocontrol Expert

”At Eurocontrol I was entrusted with the validation of various systems supporting A-SMGCS. Non-cooperative sensor systems were part of the evaluated systems. With its outstanding features, ASW Technology is a leading technology in NCSS. Therefore, I decided to promote this system and work for ASW”.
Klaus Haschke, Eurocontrol expert, March 2013.