Airside Safety Regulations and ASW




Commission Regulation (EU) No 139-2014,12 February 2014


ASW Barrier Systems facilitate adherence to EU LEX 139/2014:


Surface movement and guidance control system


Operations in low visibility


Operations during work on RWY/TWY

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– Surface Movement Guidance and Control System:Demands on the Airport Operator:

  1. a) The aerodrome operator should ensure that a surface movement and guidance control system is provided at the aerodrome, taking into account:
  • The density of air traffic.
  • The visibility under which operations are intended
  • The need for pilot orientation
  • The complexity of the aerodrome layout

Movement of vehicles

(b) The aerodrome operator should ensure that:
1.  The surface movement guidance and control system is designed to assist in the prevention of inadvertent incursions of aircraft and vehicles onto an active runway

  1. The system is designed to assist in the prevention of collisions between aircraft, and between aircraft and vehicles or objects, on any part of the movement area

Eurocontrol and ASW:

Probability of Detection (Pd)

“The probability of detection is set to: 99.9%” (Eurocontrol, NCSS – criteria)

The ASW Barrier System complies fully with the outputs defined in the above-mentioned Eurocontrol NCSS requirements

Probability of False Detection

“The probability that anything other than an A/C, vehicle or object is detected and reported shall not exceed 0.1%.” (Eurocontrol, NCSS – criteria)

Tests confirm that the ASW Barrier System fulfils this Eurocontrol NCSS criteria.

¨The ASW Barrier System has a built-in, narrow operational field thereby greatly reducing the false detection probability

Radio Spectrum

Those elements of the ASW Barrier System requiring the use of radio spectrum operate in approved frequency bands in accordance with appropriate national and international radio regulations. (Eurocontrol, NCSS – criteria)

The ASW Barrier System is approved by the Department for Analysis and Telecommunications Regulation of the Danish Business Authority

Adverse effects

The AWS Barrier System is immune to adverse effects such as:

  1. a) Radio interference, including that produced by standard navigation, telecommunications and radar facilities
  2. b) Signal reflections and shadowing caused by A/C in flight, vehicles or A/C on the ground, buildings, snow banks or other raised obstacles (fixed or temporary) in or near the aerodrome environment
  1. c) MET conditions or any state of the aerodrome resulting from adverse weather in which operations would otherwise be possible (Eurocontrol, NCSS – criteria)

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions
(EAPPRI), Edition 2 (2011)

Single European Sky

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