Product and product comparison

I/R signaling used by ASW Technology
  • Continuous operation in severe weather conditions
  • Reliable target identification

ASW Technology uses intelligent photo-electric beam technology, designed specifically for outdoor protection. The system is synchronized to reinforce the range and stability in severe weather conditions.

A special hood is attached to the sensor cover to provide beam protection to ensure continuous operation in conditions of severe frost or heavy dew.

ASW Technology software and I/R sensors have passed extensive airport testing in harsh winter conditions and is approved by Danish CAA as “necessary technical equipment for airport traffic management”


Regarding interference problems
Intensive testing has demonstrated that the ASW Barrier does not cause or incur any interference problems.

Comparison with other solutions –  – the pros and cons

  • High Costs
  • Reduced effeciency with large numbers of targets
  • Line of sight only
  • Complex target identification
  • Low resolution
  • Slow response times
Microwave barriers
  • Cannot be installed flush with the ground
  • Creates new obstacles in the surveyed area
  • Produces EM interference
Inductive sensors
  • Low sensitivity and short range
  • Poor target information
  • High Power consumption
  • Unreliable in harsh environments
  • Repairs require traffic to be stopped or diverted
Pressure sensors
  • Frequent mechanical breakdowns when used in harsh environments
  • Associated ageing process
  • Poor target information
Acoustic sensors
  • Signal interference when used outdoor and due to weather conditions
  • Trade off between sensitivity and range
  • Large power consumption

Electronic Flight Strips (EFS)

  • EU LEX 139/2004, OPS.B.030:
  • Surface movement guidance and control system
  • The aerodrome operator shall ensure that a surface movement guidance and control system is provided at the aerodrome.
  • EFS is a surface movement guidance system, not a control system
  • Confirmed to ASW Technology ApS by Danish CAA, June 2015